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The core objectives of Maria International School is to generate civilized and pious human beings. Helping students achieve success in academic life and guiding students to choose a career that would lead to serving humanity and guide others staying away from Sharr. It inculcates individuals to become successful in attaining place in Duniya and Akhirah.

The majority of the students are from below poverty lines coming from economically and educationally weaker families. The teachings of MIS injects students to become a qualifiied youth in Science and Technology so that they donot have to seek help from individuals except ALLAH or to indulge in malpractices but inturn can help the needy through wealth, services and education.


Maria International School is committed to imparting values in education bringing the best of Duniya and Akirah to our participants. Muslims being the most deplrived in education, hence cannot assess the extent and depth in understanding the outcomes of education. Probably the biggest reason is poverty and because of this they donot have access to the best education from renowned institutions.

Since inception ( 2012 ), Maria International School has been working on to bringing change in the the thought process of parents as to why they must give their children access to better education. MIS is stirving to provide the best of facilities from teachers to teaching infrastructure which they would have got the same quality if studied at the most renowned schools of India. MIS has been taking care of the holistic learning architecture giving them practical approach to leading the life as true momin and at the same time giving access to the state-of-the-art-technology learning faicilities. The vision of Maria International School is to give equal opportunity to the most deprived financially.

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