Class 9 Online Education

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-. English Conversation



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-. Biology Complete Syllabus 80 Lessons
-. Chemistry Complete Syllabus 51 Lessons
-. Mathematics Complete Syllabus - 172 Lessons
-. English Class 9 - 29 Lessons
-. NCERT Class 9 economics
-. Class 9 Civics / Political Science
-. Class 9 Geography NCERT
-. Class 9 Geography NCERT
-. Class 9 History NCERT

TIC CIU, a technology wing of Maria International School has become an affiliate partner of edX, created by MIT and Harvard University' USA
In view of the current market trend in gaining employability, Maria International School has introduced disruptive change in high school education. One year education is divided in two halves, where the first eight months focus on academic education, while remaining four months are focussed on job skills as under;

  • - Taxation & Accounts
  • - Digital Business

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