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Why sponsor Maria International School Students ?

Maria International School is committed to imparting values in education by bringing the best of Duniya and Akirah to our participants. Muslims being the most deprived in education, hence cannot assess the extent and depth in understanding the outcomes of education. Probably the biggest reason is poverty and because of this they donot have access to the best education from best institutions.

It has been our continuous endeavour to bring upon the best of education to the most deprived. We look forward to your heartiest contribution to bringing upon a change by sponsoring students, facilities and the learning infrastructure. Your contribution to this mission would yield additional benefits to existing and prospectuve students to gain the best of Duniya and eventually attain the best of Akhirah.

In addition to this by the Grace of Allah, the students would get access to state-of-the-art-learning facilities to prepare students ready for cracking engineering and medical entrance examination. We believe the traditional education supported by one to one instructor-led classroom training supplimented by practical real life handson experiments in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics would give students the real concepts that would eventually make them competent to attain better knowledge and become successful in life so they inturn would contribute to the positive growth in helping mankind.

Most importantly every participant undergo extensive training in understanding the Holy Quran, learning Fiqh, Hadith and Tajweed. Trainers are hired from the best islamic schools to give value based education that would try and help students lead their life as true momin.


Annual Cost of Sposoring one child :

Books Nursery to Class 2 : Rs 2000
Books Class 3 to Class 7 : Rs 2500
Fee Nursery to Class 2 : 580x12 = 6960
Fee Class 3 to Class 7 : 680x12 = 8160
Transport per student : 500x12 = 6000
Dress 2 sets : 600 x 2 = 1200

Cost/child till Class 2 = Rs 16160
Cost/child Class 3 to 7 = Rs 17860

Purpose of Remittance

All remittance will be made to the school for the purpose of sponsoring child/children will be against elearning course you would be enrolled in as follows :

Certificate Program : 2 students cost
Diploma Program : 4 students cost
PG Diploma Program : 10 students cost
BSC / BBA Program : 25 Students cost
MSc / MBA Program : 30 Students cost

+ Rs 15000 for International Participants for enrolling in above courses.
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By enrolling in course you will be helping us sponsor children of MIS

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