Admissions Open for Grade 1 Accredited by Cognia' USA in association with K8 School

Blend of On-campus and online education at Maria International School

"Course accredited by Cognia, the largest and the most prestigious consortium of accredited schools in the world, with 3 US Regional Accreditors, NCA CASI, SACS CASI & NWAC as its accrediting arms and a strong presence across 40,000 plus schools of quality in 85 countries, thus touching the lives of millions of educators and learners"

Subjects covered in Grade 1 : Apply via WhatsApp

-- English
-- Mathematics
-- Science
-- Arts
-- Music
-- Physical Education

Students are encouraged to take blended learning mode which comprise of Cognia Accredited online course along with face-to-face course in Maria International School as classroom program. Students already enrolled in traditional school elsewhere anywhere in India can only opt for online Cognia Accredited course where 100% participation is Online from anywhere nation-wide.

Grade 1 at K8 School mainly aims at providing a foundational curriculum for lifelong learning of students. The curriculum is structured in a perfect online learning environment wherein students are motivated to advance their level of knowledge progressively as they proceed to higher grades. Grade 1 being the first level in our primary school emphasizes on the building blocks of each concept taught so that students are well integrated within the framework.
Parents play a vital role in cognitive growth in kids learning at home. Hence the scholarships are available to kids whose parents take active role in kid's day to day learning


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Maria International School Campus, Jumman Colony, Baragain Road, Ranchi, India

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